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A security control system provides secureaccess to organization system by single-sign-in for each user and providessecured service for file sharing and support request for controlled systems. ·IWASSA Pro allows your staff to reach their multiple accounts...
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IRent is the world's leading Car Rental Software designed to simplify the management and looking process of your company. IRent allows you to manage all types of vehicle rental businesses. IRent  helps vehicle rental businesses improve their...
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IPOS , IWASSA Point Of sale

IPOS is web based system that controls your sale movement, your storehouse and helps you in managing your expenses. Point of Sale System is applicable to retail shop or store, the check out/cashier counter, or location where such transactions can occur in this type of...
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IBudget System

IBudget a cross-platform web based accounting system which allows user to manage approval’s offers and share financial information. System has been applied as internal System. IBudget is a great place to combine customers and providers communications into one place to...
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IMFound is a web & mobile application system helps to find out lost things by using QR Code technology.  Some of ImFound Features are customized description including medical alerts, GPS trackable products and Custom QR Code to meet concept ideas. QR Code are...

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