Monday, 4 January 2016

Why is my computer slow? This program has the answer and solutions to speed up your computer like a new

Reality tells us that disclosure of your computer problems can be more complicated than you think in the beginning. Something as simple as a fan or dust can cause you many problems at the speed of your computer and perhaps it may evolve to something bigger than that. But today, dear reader, offer you a small and simple program you can count on to know the details are different from your computer, which has been absent from your mind and may cause problems in the short and medium term.

Anyone who after years of experience in the repair of computers knows that sometimes the most difficult part of this task is to diagnose the problem. Especially that some of the cases where the computer is disabled for no reason, and even go hours and hours in an attempt to determine the origin of the problem.

Google best friend reformer computer without a doubt, but sometimes can not even find out about any part ill're looking for in the Internet to see the solutions to this problem. For this, in order to facilitate this process, I suggest you try this program is called '' WhySoSlow ''. Which you can monitor the status of the processor, memory, graphics card ... etc. In addition of course to the possibility of establishing a detailed report on all aspects and components inside your computer with highlight points that require immediate attention.

The advantage of the program as well as is the possibility of an alert in the event of a malfunction in one of the computer components, including excessive temperature,. Although Positive which is characterized by this program, but it has also disadvantages, most notably he or she is still in the development stage, which results in a from the mistakes and inaccurate reports significantly. But despite all this, the idea of the program distinctive and worth the experience.

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