Monday, 4 January 2016

Try the new tool Google "Password Alert"

Google has a few days before update added Password Alert, are add-on that enables users to install the Google Chrome browser in order to protect the self-employed from the beautiful to break through fraudulent pages.

As this new update includes some improvements in the detection of all roads used by hackers to deceive the victim, both of them known or unknown.

As in the case for a user to page the hacker and the desire to enter the password, the page pop-up warns the user and force him to stay away from his calculations put information in the counterfeit page.

You can add this experience of Google Inc., by downloading adding Password Alert, it was then the addition will ask you to click on in order to sign in to your account logged in Google tool before entering into force.
For reference, the tool is updated periodically by Google in order to prevent bypassed by hackers, and so may be the indispensable tool in your computer and it's especially unobtrusive and works in the background of your browser.

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