Monday, 4 January 2016

The names of the best and worst Ante virus programs that may reside on your computer (do within your program list?)

Is Ante virus used by one of the best anti-virus programs? Let's answer this question through the following entry. In the market, we find many of the struggles of Ante virus programs, but the problem is that there is a strong anti-virus programs and other there remains weak and useless. Of course we are talking here about the extent of the activity and the efficiency of the company that are beyond the detection and send Althaditat. Indeed, what makes the difference between strong and weak software programs to your use of them is not recommended. Regulations in the following order of the names of the programs does not mean a preference for each other. But it is only an account of the programs:

Stronger anti-virus programs:
Panda Security

As I noted in the introduction, the order of these programs has no value, but this does not mean that there is a personal preference for some other programs that only preferential Profile do not want to spoil the credibility of this entry for this Soanvd personal opinion or I can share it within Comments

The worst anti-virus programs: (you should stay away from them)

In fact, what most of them are difficult to ask all of these programs, but I tried to remember the most widespread and widely used among users and programs which preferably away by users because it is not a benefit to your computer:

Rising Antivirus
Dr. Web
K7 Antivirus Plus
NANO Antivirus
Sophos Anti-Virus
VirIT eXplorer Lite
TrustPort Antivirus
Titanium Antivirus Plus

If you are using one of the programs referred to in the top of the best to one-off change much to the programs referred to in the top of the computer you are so exposed to danger, if not already be done now that computer viruses and malicious programs.

summary :

When Takimna program to combat viruses, we Nokhadd into account that there is no combat viruses program detects all viruses existing in the virtual world, it is thought that there is a program that eliminates all the malware, it is mistaken. But in contrast, programs reveal the largest number of malware compared to rival this, the Takimna of the effectiveness of the program stems from this foundation.


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