Thursday, 14 January 2016

Here are the best 3 browsers to protect your privacy on the Internet .

As you read this entry through the Google Chrome browser or Firefox Vsedkna you do not know what site do you spy on your activities do you and your privacy protected or not! , Do not deny that such browsers is to ensure privacy safety for the user, but what must be taken into mind is that these browsers did not prove to be effective significantly so far .. which makes you as a visitor for several unsure websites from the full protection of your privacy and some of the sites could reach All the activities carried out and you are browsing a site tracker.

On the subject of today will share with you the best 3 browsers to protect privacy on the Internet, browsers will share with browsers bother protection significantly more than any other element.

1- Epic

This browser has a clever algorithms explicitly focuses on the protection of privacy is so large and the protection of user Patmos and hide his true identity by converting all incoming and outgoing data from the browser's DNS method Epic making angel sites can not know the identity of the visitor simply.

2- Tor

Tor Browser is the browser does not know which carries the slogan against the National Security Agency NSA American slogan of "respect for private life of the users," and as a sign task Tor Browser is working to add the latest technology in order to protect users' privacy on the Internet.

3- Comodo

This browser somewhat close to the philosophy of the first browser Epic so that Comodo browser works is therefore to prevent the tracking of users activities within the sites by tricking sites for anonymous and failure to reach users' true identity and DNS therefore you will have maintained your privacy when you browse network Internet.

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