Thursday, 4 June 2015

MongoDB World Highlights NoSQL Databases in the Enterprise

At the MongoDB World 2015 conference June 1-2 in New York, MongoDB President and CEO Dev Ittycheria said that the time is now for MongoDB to become "the new default" in the database world. In the opening keynote, Ittycheria said MongoDB has built a great team and great product, but now is the time to build a great business. "This is the time; this is the seminal moment where MongoDB becomes the new default," he said. Elaborating on his claim in an interview with eWEEK, Ittycheria said, "MongoDB has matured over the last four or five years. It has matured in terms of product, in terms of customers, in terms of financial health and growth. So now, we 've evolved from being a very interesting, cool technology to being the new default. It's already happened in the startup world. Name me one startup that's betting on Oracle as their back-end database. That's why I think we're positioned to be the new default. " Meanwhile, as MongoDB seeks to become a better fit for the enterprise, the company announced a new connector that links MongoDB to industry-standard business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools. Take a look at highlights from the conference.

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