Saturday, 30 May 2015

Top 6-paid technology skills in the information technology sector in the world

The field of technology, most of the areas of jobs created during the last two decades. It also is at the head of the areas of work that offers high wages to employees in various disciplines. site recently published a report on the highest salaries in the IT field, and included this report higher-paying skills in the high-tech sector.

It is an acronym for Platform as a Service, a technical skill in the field of cloud computing, platform as a service (PaaS) gives application developers the tools needed to develop a system to specific platform in the field of cloud computing .almt_khasson in this technique looking for them famous technology companies, and hosting companies etc. wages more than $ 130 081

2. Cassandra
Cassandra database is not the literal sense, but is more like a massive data storage system was launched by Facebook .rgem It's open source and free, but it is not very popular .Cassandra able to deal with different types and sizes of data. So a group of international companies which use them to store tens Albatabait of data, Apple as a company, as well as Netflix. US $ 128 646

3. MapReduce
MapReduce has to do as well as cloud computing. It is a means enables the developer of Hadoop data storage across multiple servers dollars .127,315

4. Cloudera
 Cloudera is a software company based in the United States, the Entrepreneur commercial version of the draft of Hadoop. It is an open source project, is used to store a large amount of data on a computer servers. Cloudera is the most famous and easy version of Hadoop. Paid US $ 126 816

5. Pig
Are very blessed skills in the area of ​​Big data "big data" .Pig programming is used to extract information from a Hadoop language. Paid US $ 124 563

 It is an acronym for Advanced Business Application Programming (Advanced Business Application Programming), a programming language used in SAP SAP system. Wage of $ 124.262.

May have noticed that most of these skills mainly related to cloud computing, as well as the rules of data must new systems if open source. This indicates anything, it indicates the importance of cloud computing and the growing importance of the sector by large companies. So to me an advice for anyone who wants to work in the field of IT, it should be mainly focused on cloud computing, as well as large data "Big Data".

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