Saturday, 30 May 2015

Social networking site visitors pay money for their publications

Have become the fashion social networking sites sweeping the Web more and more, the social networking sites abounded incredibly perhaps most notably Facebook and Twitter, but other names have become present now trying to compete with these two last two by the addition of new applications and various other features, in that, unfortunately, has become a concern physical dominates the designers of this type of sites more than the desire to create an atmosphere of communication between the people here and I do not exclude, of course, Facebook and Twitter.

And also in the same frame it has been set up social networking site so to speak Bubblews But what distinguishes the latter is a bold step on his feet a bit, as it allows and this site gives its users for financial gains as compared to writing and publishing on its face.

In order to increase the number of its users and visitors to the site by giving them 100 Cardt for every interaction with what was published, and the greater the number of Likes and Altalievat on the publication, Who should be more than 400 characters, the greater the percentage of the profits. And only when the user be able to accumulate to $ 50, he can become withdrawn amount.

Since the establishment of the first version of the site in 2012 the latter received 20 million visits. And the remaining policy bold policy and alluring, but he must be careful in its use condition if the bulk of all existing networking sites on the web.

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