Thursday, 7 May 2015

Learn new malicious program that destroys computer when discovered!

Experts in information security discovered a new malicious program carries the name "Rombertik" and is one of the most dangerous malware that were discovered during the recent period, as seems to be different in the way it works similar software, and experts say it belongs to a new generation and a serious of software malicious.

According to security experts in the Office "Talos" of the company "Cisco" it may have been a new malicious program carries the name Rombertik and represents a new generation of malware discovery, which is one of the most serious, it is different in the way it works for the rest, especially in the case detected and monitored by private security systems in the computer, where he works on the destruction of the latter.

The new program features a large malignant Rombertik intelligently, where it targets users' computers from the accompanying files via e-mail messages, and as soon as the user receiving the latter and approved by the subduction of this program within the user's computer, it also has an extraordinary ability to disguise where it is difficult to monitor as it executes code is necessary.

Rombertik program that stole users' data, especially bank statements, but the biggest seriousness reflected in that, unlike the rest of the other malicious software is able to destroy a computer, where it is in the case of monitoring or felt that immediately threatened by the destruction of the master boot record, which causes the operating system to prevent take-off where still going on in a vicious circle, in addition to that he was destroying the hard drive to prevent the user from using its data.

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