Thursday, 7 May 2015

How do you activate beautiful properties in Watts Appt non-existent in the regular version

Watts App Like many android applications oeuvre is for you to modify it, in contrast, there are some applications which are modified by the application whats app allows you to change the application form as well as add more privacy, for example, delete or seen vu property.

It is famous applications on the Internet now, Watts App is an application which allows you to change the form of Watts App August as well as to delete seen / vu, which formed a significant problem for some of the recent property. Watts App application in the fourth issued (Whats Mapp 1.3.0 (Pre-Final BETA which is based on the latest version of the application of the official Watts App , comes with many panniers and privileges including:

- Hide notice you read the sender of the message seen / vu
- Hide Double tick property and connects you to read a message
- Hide the sender notice you write a message ..typing
- You can apply the icon whats app logo change
- Writing color change on the situation in whats app (only available for users of Lollipop)
- Change the color of the navigation bar (available only to users of Lollipop)
- Prevent urban

Altetbit explain:

In order to run an application Whats Mapp, enough that you delete from your whats app. After that Tetbit application Whats Mapp. When you have finished, add your phone number as normal and follow the steps in the registry as Watts August. When you have finished you will notice the presence of icons privacy mode and visual mode as the latter for the common application form for change and feature privacy mode in order to maintain privacy by preventing where you will find a notice Ptouselk and read a message of choice.


Iedkrna application Whats Mapp Balamson msn plus, which we use it in order to activate these properties in the formal application. With the increasing popularity of this application, the large number of users Adhawwa are looking for other options in their needs approves the application.

Download:  WhatsMapp 1.3.0

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