Friday, 22 May 2015

Five States spied on the world of e-applications store Android

Still scandals triggered by former US client "Edward Snowden" and who worked for years in the US National Security Agency "NSA" interact, where the media revealed a new document leaked by Edward Snowden and reveal espionage carried out by the intelligence services of the five countries size.

Since the outbreak of former US client Edward Snowden issue about spyware accounted for the National Security Agency US NSA most of scandals spy on users on the Internet and international communication networks, recent document leaked by Snowden and published by the site The Intercept and Canadian radio CBC reveal greater things So.

The leaked document reveals the alliance five countries (America, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) and is the Alliance, which bears the name of "the eyes of the five / Five eyes" as these countries have developed a new mechanism to enable them to spy on users from Online Shop for Google " Google Play "in addition to the mail store to Samsung.

According to the information available and reported by Agence France-Presse, the goal of the Alliance of five eyes from behind the espionage program "Irritant horn" has been debated between the agencies concerned between the years 2011 and 2012 and the primary motivation is to keep piracy user connections with e-store and planting malicious software In their phone or even send false information to some of the target, and information indicates that the five countries had fears of another Arab spring and the spread of popular movements.

And this spy operation focused on a number of countries from different continents but especially from Africa and from among the target countries: Sudan, Senegal, Congo, France, Morocco, Switzerland, Cuba, the Bahamas, the Netherlands as well as Russia, and sources indicate that the intelligence services The five were also collect private information about suspected terrorists.

And to now have not any of the concerned parties to comment on this new information Whether it is for Google, Samsung or five intelligence agencies and led by the US National Security Agency NSA.

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