Sunday, 10 May 2015

Ericsson Chen judicial war against Apple

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It seems that's promoter for Apple in being invent patents, and the other companies notably Samsung Bokhaddha without a license is no longer as it was, as the Swedish company Ericsson filed a lawsuit in a series of invitations filed against the US company Apple, which accuses them of violating 41 patent is specific to the Apple Ericsson to take advantage of them for the benefit of portable organs taken it without any legal authorization that empowers her.

The "Ericsson" the lifting of this judicial Referrals against the US company in the United States of America, Germany and the Netherlands, which accuses Apple of violating patents notably those concerning the use of wireless communication 2G and 4G / LTE technologies.

Apple, for its part did not provide any documents to prove the legality of what was done was not progressing yet any objection or statement denying what proportions of it, while the Swedish company Ericsson says its President Atida Kasim Alfalahi that courts in the United States of America, Germany and the Netherlands will issue a ruling Ancefha fair.

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