Sunday, 24 May 2015

Disclosure of information of the new HTC tablet H7 Low Cost

It seems that HTC Corporation of Taiwan this year will not stop at the launch of the smart phone HTC One M9 but also will launch a new tablet carries HTC name H7 in the coming days, especially after the disclosure for the first time on the site Zauba Indian, and falls this device the new tablet from "Ashe MTC "devices within the category of low-cost tablet.

According to the information monitored by the Indian government and site zauba, which handles the transfer of hardware details and phone incoming and outgoing from India it has been shown that the device's new tablet has a quad-core frequency of 1.2 GHz, as well as a screen measuring 7 inches, and random storage RAM, with a capacity of 1 GB, and random memory storage capacity of 16 GB, in addition to the implementers to add two tranches of SIM.

Regarding the cost source has revealed that the new tablet HTC H7 priced at US $ 150.

It recalls that the Taiwanese company HTC has produced its first tablet device, a HTC Flyer, but the company has not been able to achieve success in the tablet market even until the apparatus tablet Nexus 9 in collaboration with Guogl. Today, some of the emergence of a new HTC H7 seems clear that "Ashe MTC" care market tablets and seeking to impose its position in the market, especially with such a low device cost, not left, then some of the appearance of this device at the site zauba only a few weeks to be launched in other countries .

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