Thursday, 23 April 2015

Video: the discovery of a serious loophole in the system iOS

Yemenis serious researchers discovered a loophole threatens portable devices users iOS system where 8 that this gap Tzb by researchers disabled the system for an indefinite period of time, and this depends on the serious security gap problem in going ssl certificates.
Researchers in information security "Yai Amit" and "Adi Sharabani" disclosure on the sidelines of their participation in the "RSA 2015" conference held in San Francisco in the United States for a new security flaw in a system designed to iPhone iOS 8 phones and tablets iPad and managed to disable running on this hardware system by the user connect to a network and meets the malicious, as soon as you restart the device turns off again and remains in a vicious circle and the only solution is to keep user has left the field Aloyfa network malignant cover and so was named the gap b "No iOS Zone".
According to researchers, the cyber-attack caused by a gap in going ssl certificates and can hackers exploit this point through the establishment of a network and meets the fake beneficiaries of working hardware settings system iOS, which allows them to connect in automatic network and meet the public and is what the user lead to a fall in this is the problem.
And now to Apple did not announce that it has to correct this serious vulnerability.

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