Thursday, 23 April 2015

This is the highest wages of employees in Facebook for 2015

Earlier this month, we published an article about the highest monthly salaries to employees in Google .ostmrara us to detect some functional secrets and know the reality of the situation in the major technology companies, we decided today to offer you as well as for the list of top professionals, and others paid in the largest social network in the world.

Using the data obtained by the site Glassdor, a site that collects information about the companies submitted by users and staff disclosure list that lists the 18 most-paid position within the company Mark Zuckerberg.
According Glassdor, career center the highest paid in Alvesopk is the director of engineers, a monthly income of more than $ 13,700. At the other end it seems that the data engineer is at least in this list monthly wage equals 9100 Dolar.tava These figures do not include bonuses! Engineers Director: 13,700 dollars
Software Engineer: 13,200 dollars
Software Engineer (8 to 10 years experience): 12,900 dollars
Technical program: $ 12,400 Director
Product Manager: 12,200 dollars
Data Engineer: 11,800 dollars
Research: US $ 11,400 World
World Data: 11,300 dollars
High-level software engineer: 11,200 dollars
Production Engineer: about $ 11100
Network Engineer: $ 11,000
Product Analyst: $ 10,500
Product Marketing Manager: $ 10,500
Software Engineer: $ 10,400
Engineer user interface: 10,200 dollars
Engineer partnerships: 9700 dollars
Operations Engineer: $ 9500
Data Engineer: 9100 dollars

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