Thursday, 23 April 2015

That's why free applications are harmful to your phone!

Free applications are considered on smartphones and tablet computers more applications that are popular among users, where they prefer to other applications paid, but it seems that free applications are not always its pros and cons but also affect the walk year of work and efficiency.
The new conclusion came after the publication of a study of a group of researchers from the University of Southern California "USC", Rochester Institute of Technology "RIT" and Queen's University in Canada, according to transportation American BGR site specialist, and according to the new study, the free applications which support profitability ads consume more than 16 percent increase from the battery capacity and 79 percent of data and more than 22 percent of the smart phones memory capacity and tablet computers, compared with non-free applications paid, and thus the main reason for the rapid entry into force of the battery and memory problems and excessive consumption problems data.

"William fondue," a researcher at the University of Southern California has urged developers need to be more Dkaoua and that they take these facts into consideration during the development of such applications, because they often affect the performance of the device and cause problems for users, and also advised in order not to fall in these problems not leave a large number of these applications open at the same time.

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