Thursday, 23 April 2015

Officially! How to activate voice calls Watts App on the iOS

Watts App formally announce the availability of voice calls service to the devices, which are running iOS after the Pioneers them are users of Android devices where you can now work voice calls with a friend, for example, through your use of the application Android  Watts App on the iOS users.

How to get voice calls feature on the Watts App operating system iOS is related to issuing the application, you must know that Watts App has recently launched issuing and updating the new application is now available on store iTunes, as you must update the application to the latest version and is 2.12.1. This release is which will allow you to take advantage of voice calls feature as the Android , because after you updated the application shall be the application interface shows like that exist on systems Android  completely and the signal can not be added directly call feature after application update just wait to do you company feature, so to see the statement in which the company announced that the feature will be circulated in the coming days, so all you have is that you update the application and wait, that is not directly activate the property.

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