Thursday, 23 April 2015

Of new Facebook modify its position may cause a loss to the owners of the pages

Facebook announced a new amendment in Juzimaitha with respect to the presentation of content on the main page of the site, and the new amendment aims to give greater importance to content published by the Friends of the user and give it more importance than the rest of other content.
Facebook published on Tuesday on the official blog statement refers to the new changes that will matter Juzimaitha and will affect the order of content that appear on the home page for the user "News Feed", and may also affect the rate watch some pages, and Facebook says that the new amendment will relate three key points.
According to Facebook, the first point in the new amendment related to the publication of the party favoring close friends content (blog posts, photos, videos ...) where the content will appear at the top of the home page for the user to ensure that the latter will be shared, and the second point relates to the show in Facebook most publications which pages the user to interact with it dramatically.
The third point allude Likes and comments by the user's friends on the pages, as this type of content was shown on the home page for the user, even if the content was not interested, as will Facebook from now on the development of this type of publications in the last page Home and is what would be lost on pages significant proportion of Likes.

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