Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Microsoft you disable the "Do Not Track" feature on its own browser

Microsoft announced through the official blog last weekend for a new update related to the advantage of "Do Not Track", where Microsoft revealed that it will disable this feature by default in browser 10 Windows system and let the user choose activated.

And is Do Not Track feature one of the deployed in a large number of web browsers and informs the sites visited by the user that the latter does not want to be followed and collect some personal information in respect of freedom and personal life of the features users.

And Microsoft was revealed in 2012 by default it will activate the Do Not Track feature in the browser, Internet Explorer 10 before returning for this procedure for the new Spartan browser and Internet Explorer 11 on its new Windows 10.

It seems that Microsoft has taken this decision under pressure from the major advertising and companies that want more information about the amount of users for commercial purposes collection, it also says that the decision was in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium standards organization (World Wide Web Consortium), known as W3C.

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