Monday, 20 April 2015

Hackers Arabs are able to penetrate the Israeli military networks

Enables hackers Arb..othbt researchers They Arabic-speaking programmers were able to penetrate computer networks linked to the Israeli army, where hackers used a fake e-mail addresses Arabs simple and possibilities, where "Blue Coat Systems" Foundation security researcher in this matter discovered that the pirates are using tools available on a large scale systems such as "Trojan" virus, which can be controlled remotely.

The pirates launched a breakthrough campaign lasted more than four months, without that Israel be able to determine the identity of the pirates, noting that a large group of them belong to the point of the Middle East that suffer from security disruptions.

And "The Blue Coat 'that pirates sent a number of letter bombs to a number of military calculations, which show that they are carrying military Breaking News, sometimes send video clips and photos show" IDF girls "were. It was for this bait to entrap a large number Israeli military accounts managed pirates from which to access to several important military information and then tampering with the dramatically.
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