Sunday, 19 April 2015

Google Malaysian page being infiltrated by the hacker from Bangladesh

Google came under Malaysian page to an act of piracy by the "hacker" from Bangladesh named Tiger Mate!
Where he was directing users to a page that says "Google Malaysia Mhecr."
Google Malaysia recognized the role through Tweets on its front page on Twitter that the service disrupted by redirecting the DNS Domain Name Server, and urged users to Google page visit a neutral country that the problem is resolved.
A spokesman told the Wall Street: "We are aware that some users are having problems to contact the, or it is re-directed to a different site, and have reached the organization responsible for this domain name and we hope that the issue would be resolved soon."
The purpose behind this process is still unknown, which is similar to a previous operation targeting Google Page Vietnam.
Google Malaysia now returned to work, but the company did not confirm that the problem has been resolved.
In your opinion, what is the purpose behind these operations?

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