Sunday, 19 April 2015

Google is working to develop a superhero Batteries

Lab X's Google announced that it is currently working on the development of better quality and longer-lived batteries, after the company found that the bodies of smart phones and glasses and self-driving cars require batteries of a different kind.
According to the "Wall Street Journal", this initiative from the company dating back to 2012, when Dr. "Ramesh Bhardwaj" began to test the energy sources that are working on Google devices.
The newspaper reported that Dr. Bhardwaj is currently working hard with his team of four members in the semi-secret facility subsidiary of Google, in an attempt to strengthen the lithium-ion technology, to be used in the manufacture able to work economical battery longer periods and be valid for a consumer products company.
Dr. Bhardwaj and planning team to develop lithium-ion technology in the work of batteries for Google smart glasses, so that they can view more videos during visits per shipment, and to allow the owners of these glasses wear them for long periods of time.
In the meantime, there have been other reports that Google commissioned other groups of researchers to develop more efficient technology AllCell LLC, which use energy packs of lithium ions covered with wax and graphite, for protection from temperatures batteries.
The experts say: If the validity of these reports, will join this Google to the list of big-name companies in the field of technology that are looking to improve the battery life, which has become a big problem, as the work of the new devices is becoming increasingly complex and demand for energy is greater every day.

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