Sunday, 19 April 2015

Google help you locate your stolen and even talk with the thief without software

Who among us has not robbed of his smartphone or lost somewhere because he had not repented Atbut determine where the program? Less that of the victims of this situation! For this I wanted to share with you on this subject is very short-trick Aiarafha many a good news that Google Inc. announced a few hours before saluting you can locate your phone Android only simple research in the engine as in the picture below.
Suffice it to write the word means and where a telephone in Arabic "find my phone", so it enforceable by another show whereabouts by your phone!
In addition to identifying the place can also Althdt to "thief" by Mhafh, lock or wipe your personal data remotely.
As I advise you to go to this link from Google: because it may be redirected to some subdomains for your country where this may be not included in the update.
This was the new Almzizh that in addition to the Google engine loved to share them I am your brother, Mohammed bin Othman see you in a post to come!

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