Monday, 6 April 2015

Company "IBM" reveal a sophisticated scheme to defraud banks and financial targets

Company "IBM" IBM unveiled a sophisticated fraud scheme run by a gang of criminals well-funded dissidents from eastern Europe using a combination of phishing, malware, and phone calls, the company says it Tshehadt million of medium and large-sized US companies.
She explained, "IBM" that the scheme, which was launched by its researchers name "wolf dear price" The Dyre Wolf, small in comparison with a lot of fraud schemes and extensive recent online, but it represents a new level of sophistication.
Since last year, the attackers targeted people who work in companies by sending spam e-mail with attachments is safe to install malicious software known as "Der" Dyre - means Baldanmarkiyh "expensive" - ​​the largest possible number of computers. This, according to the company.
If the installation was, waiting for malicious software even aware that the user is surfing the bank locations, and instantly create a fake screen telling the user that the bank site suffers from problems and contact him a certain number.
If the user Bmak contact number, it finds a phone worker speaks English already knows what is the bank that the user is trying to contact him. The worker then grabbing the user's bank details to begin immediately transfer bank transfer to take as much of the money from the account of the relevant.
Said Caleb Barlow, senior vice president in the unit "IBM Sacurta" IBM Security The use of live phone calls is what makes this scheme unique.
"IBM" did not reveal any details about the companies that have fallen prey to the scheme "wolf dear price."
Upon completion of the transfer process, the money is being transferred quickly from a bank to another bank to avoid detection. In one case, she said, "IBM", said the gang struck the victim of a company letter attack of some kind, "denial of service DDoS.
And recommends the security unit at the company, "IBM" companies to make sure that their employees are trained to monitor phishing - where you can e-mails or attachments to infect computers - attacks that give banking adoption anyone data.

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