Sunday, 5 April 2015

Company "Amazon" begins in the provision of home services to its customers

Amazon began its work as a letter to the bookstore, but has since expanded its activities to include the sale of all goods that can come to your mind. The company believes that many of the things that Eptalla people on its require them to get help for the assembled or installed, or even learn how to use it.
According to what he said Peter Faricy moderators of a site, that "85 million a client site had over the past year by purchasing goods require after-sales service as organs television, toilets and sinks." Today, the company launched a new section on its website in the United States under the name (home services), where customers can request professional assistance. The company will provide 700 different service starting from waste stabilization funds, through the changing automotive oils and give lessons for the piano, and the end of the lease herds of cattle to get rid of unwanted plants in the gardens!
Featured in this new service is that the company will be covered by the issue of choosing a trusted person to accomplish the task. Where Faricy says: "We are very excited to know that we will be able to resolve what is today considered a real dilemma, it is difficult to find a qualified person in a short time." The company says it is in every residential area in the position to accept an average of 3 out of 100 professional service, and make sure that these services are licensed and insured. In addition to its commitment to passing these services security check of five points, and doing additional scans for technicians author of six points. Therefore, customers will not worry anymore hired for livestock sub-standard.
Amazon is also the speed and transparency. According to what stated in the advertising material, the process of buying service will take sixty seconds, regardless of the fact that this service is a service to clean the house, or the surface of the wooden repair yard, or even pruning garden. He says Faricy: "promise our customers transparent, which is difficult to achieve these days, we have developed a minute for all services provided standards, so as to enable the customer to know what that will be exactly the sponsor, and how much is the cost, so do not be surprised later with something you do not expect."
That may sound good at first glance, but that many of these services would be difficult to characterize clearly by the customer as soon as the answer to some questions. Wondering where Marco Zappacosta CEO Thumbtack: "What about the new surface to the yard building service? Home yard certainly will be different from your backyard. "
Things that aimed to this service is to help customers avoid additional costs, and bargain prices. Where Faricy says that all payments will be through Amazon, and that the service provider will not get a reward until you confirm the accomplishment of its mission. During the trial period for this service, there have been some reports from customers regarding additional unforeseen costs in their bills, which the company was able finally resolved after much effort.
Amazon deduct a percentage of each service provided, although it did not specify the amount of the fee percentage. However, the previous beta version of the site showed the company took between 10 to 20% of the service fees, according to its kind.

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