Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Yahoo sings users remember passwords

Yahoo Inc. provided on the sidelines "SXSW" and invented new conference under which the user will not be a need to remember the word account after the Yahoo e-mail, the new system is based on D user every time the related word calculated temporary password instead of permanent passwords.

And considered the issue of cyber security is one of the important topics and sensitive in the digital field, which does not lose never Rahniha and while all the digital world companies are working hard to secure their systems, the Yahoo is not an exception in this area, where the company announced a range of new security standards will be activated in the next few weeks.

According to a number of sources and including the site ZDNet, the Yahoo will deploy a new addition enables messages sent and received in their e-mail users accounts encryption, and the new addition will be based on the standard "OpenPGP" and the user will enable the full protection of electronic messages from spyware .

On the other hand, Yahoo will employ a new system of type "OTP" or "One Time Password" and it would mean the end of the Standing passwords and replace it with a temporary password of four letters are sent to the user via a short text message "SMS" every time connection by the user on the account.

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