Saturday, 28 March 2015

Voice calls on wats app soon in the iOS system

New News and Sarah users wats app especially for feature voice calls, this feature and after that appeared when a limited number of users of the operating system Android in a few states will be circulated soon, it is also close to the users running iOS of Apple's system.

Direct voice communication on wats app in iOS system now, where the founder of the application and wats app "Brian Acton Brian Acton" announced during the annual conference for developers F8 he "went a long time waiting for the experience of voice calls feature on wats app in iOS system after it has been finally now launching a trial version advantage. "

According to VentureBeat site, which transfer the news that voice calls feature in version wats app own system, "EOS" will be close in the next few weeks.

It is noteworthy that voice calls feature on the Android system appeared in nearly a month to now has been the activation feature with a limited number of users where either found the feature is enabled to have as their own or were invited by people who have already this feature, this invitation and are only that the user owns this feature on his phone to call someone else does not own and thus will be activated feature the person Alokhir.o to indicate also that voice calls on Atsab not like the voice messages that are supported by the application, and the like, the voice communications on Atsab take place directly between two parties, such as regular telephone calls, but Brookol rely solely on the Internet.

Also noteworthy that the application wats app  regaining very popular now as the number of users in the world reach the 700 million monthly active users, and has made the company Facebook acquired it in the past in 2014 compared to $ 19 billion, with the support of the application wats app feature Communications is competing strongly telecommunications companies With the Internet Protocol may be some applications such as the Viper on the verge of disappearing.

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