Monday, 16 March 2015

Update to fix a dozen serious loophole in Adobe Flash Player

Adobe has announced the provision of a package of new security updates designed to fix 11 security vulnerability has been described as serious in the "Flash Player" program this package comes at the end of the week after Microsoft updates package "Patch Tuesday" monthly, which came at the beginning of this week.
"Flash Player" suffers every time a serious security flaws threaten the safety of users' computers, and this time the Adobe hiring of new security update package aimed at reforming these gaps, this package is the second in a matter of one week after Microsoft Patch Tuesday package.
Adobe has yesterday publish new updates and chain belonging to 11 serious security loophole for users systems Windows, Mac and Linux in addition to Flash Player on my browser Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, as it enables the hacker to control any remote device according to the company statement.
And must Flash Player users on Windows and Mac systems, traffic to software update as needed to users of the program to pass the Linux operating system to update, and you can see Flash Player software on his computer through this link: Flash Player, then do the update to the desired version in case it is necessary.

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