Monday, 23 March 2015

The new Facebook application to detect caller ID and other properties

Caller ID detection or prohibit telephone numbers from your contact !! Is one of the features that the user wishes Availability in his phone, and although there are several applications and programs that permit such application True Caller For example, it is not as strong as the company Facebook that are available on the huge data about users and entered in the midst of programming such applications where revealed the error for a new application testing under the name Phone and is a special application manages phone calls and can detect hidden caller ID and can ban any number of your contact.

The notice sent by the company Facebook error for a limited number of users reveals this new application which is still testing Facebook now between her company and the staff just as the picture shows feature [FB-Only].
Facebook will now seek to use nearly 1.39 billion user data on the social network to provide sufficient information to uncover the identity of any person who is calling you, unlike other programs or applications such as TrueCaller which is not available to a very small percentage of data, compared with Facebook.

When exploited Facebook this data will require radically on any application in the same area, while a spokesman refused for Facebook to disclose any other information on the application Phone, saying: "We always do a number of tests, and we have nothing to announce it at the moment."

And this will be a new application is the ninth which is owned by Facebook, which runs the Android operating system along with the application and the application Messanger Home and Slingshot and application pages and groups management and application Facebook to work and application Instagram and Facebook Atsab and main application.

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