Saturday, 28 March 2015

The four secrets that hackers do not want you to know about wireless networks

To be sure you are using a wireless access point with the encrypted password to be safely and you are browsing and navigating in the online world, is not it? If you do not believe in the safety you are still vulnerable to this article Hjum.fa Saklmk four secrets that hackers do not want to know about wireless networks.

1. WEP encryption is useless to protect your wireless network. It gives users a false sense of security.
Even pirates Mediterranean experience can decrypt and get the password in minutes for wireless networks that use (WEP), which makes it basically useless as a mechanism and protective. This type of encryption has become a well-known weakness for that Aljye many people to change their own wireless encryption from WEP to The latest and most powerful encryption as WPA2. Update your router to WPA2 is a simple process to some extent Ma.vkl what you need to do is visit the manufacturer of your wireless router site for instructions.

2. MAC address feature to prevent unauthorized devices from accessing the network, is effective and can be easily penetrated!

Each piece of hardware-based IP, as a computer, router, printer, etc., has a unique MAC address. Many routers allow you to enable or access to the network based on the MAC address of the device. Wireless router inspects the MAC address of the device requesting access to the network and compares it addresses allowed in the list or MAC is rejected. Of course, this method looks like a great safety mechanism, but the problem is that the intruders and hackers can "simulation" or placing an imaginary MAC that corresponds to one of the authorized Titles address. All you have to do is to use a program to capture wireless packets (sniffing) on ​​the wireless traffic and see what MAC addresses that reflect the network. They can then determine your MAC address to match with the one allowed to join the network addresses.

3. Disable management feature directed from a distance, is a very effective measure to prevent hackers from taking over your wireless network.

Many wireless routers allow you to manage the router via a wireless any remote connection. This means that you can access all the security settings of the routers and other settings without having to be on a computer connected to the steering device using an Ethernet cable. Of course this method is convenient for the user to be able to router remotely manage, but in contrast This feature provides a gateway another pirate to get the Security Settings and change according to Ohoa├║hm.tava very serious this feature because many people do not change the words of the default administrator for the wireless router password. I would recommend to prevent this feature (if possible) in your router and make it just a private person who is connected (wired) actual network.

4. The importance of VPN if you are using a public wireless points, which constitute an easy target for attacks!

Hackers can use tools such as Firesheep and AirJack to carry out attacks across points transmitter and receiver Allaslkih.oimknhm so get passwords for Hsapetk, read your e-mail, and view instant messaging .. etc. .oimknhm also use tools such as SSLstrip for passwords that use even in locations "Safe" that you visit. So I recommend using a VPN to protect both traffic when using Wi-Fi networks, public service, because VPN provides an additional layer of security that is extremely difficult to penetrate.

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