Monday, 16 March 2015

Social Network Places "Foursquare" launches new updated application

The Social Network Places "Foursquare" Foursquare on Thursday launched a new update for your application to "record attendance" Check-in, "Sorm" Swarm brings with him a new two advantages.
According to the company said in the application page on the applications stores description she added in this version - available for Android and Windows systems, the iPhone and OS - the ability to send messages to nearby friends (even if they do not have the application Sorm) to accelerate and facilitate convergence.
This feature includes the possibility of Instant individual and collective with notice confirms the vision of the sent message. When you send a message, the site where the user is located on the map even his friends know where you chatting it will appear.
It follows from the second advantage when viewing the "register" your friend attendance, where Foursquare added the ability to see more details of that place, including knowledge of friends who have already come to him.

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