Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Serious loophole to allow install malicious Android apps

What Android system is still considered one of the more target systems through malicious software, and in this context, the company's security experts "Palo Alto Networks" unveiled a new security vulnerability targeting the Android system and allow malicious applications installed in the user's smartphone.

Security company Palo Alto Networks experts have discovered a new vulnerability in the Android system, this loophole enables hackers to install malicious applications and a user downloaded on the grounds that they were ordinary applications without attention to the danger, the new gap is not aimed at users of Android e-shop "Google Play" and but .apk files of type and that is loaded outside the official store of the system Google.

The report, published by the security company Palo Alto Networks pointed it out that this loophole enables malignant control of the smartphone target application and has been obtained on the user's personal information from the data and traffic and other words, the new gap targeting the Android system from version 2.3 to version 4.3.

The company has developed an application in order to find out if a phone user infected with this gap and is an application  Installer Hijacking Scanner

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