Monday, 23 March 2015

Samsung comes up memory storage 128 GB low-and medium-sized phones Specifications

The availability of smart phones on a large storage capacity, such as 128 GB is not that hard and became a close, with the sophistication and speed of smart devices industry in the development of the properties and characteristics of organs, it became possible that the memory storage capacity for intelligent phone low up specifications to 128 GB!

This is announced by Samsung revealed where she developed a flash memory provides storage medium and low smartphones specifications memory storage with a capacity of 128 GB.

Samsung said that the new card eMMC (multimedia compact card) will provide mobile and portable devices large capacity storage because they operate technology NAND-bit 3 and holds the fifth issue No. 5.0.oimknha data transfer speeds of 260 megabytes per second and can video processing accurately HD high quality.

A spokesman Sasmong "We expect to see in the future smart phones and low-medium specifications that provide storage capacity of up to 128 GB or more." And was told that the new card is entered in the production phase and is now available to hardware manufacturers.

The new card from Samsung can not provide them with a high specification smart phones, while they are in favor of the users of the mobile medium or low features, and it can be said that Samsung would like to develop this category because the number of consumers is very large.

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