Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Network "Facebook" Social challenging the orders of the authorities to provide information about users

There is talk of a claim officials in the social networking site "Facebook", the right of appeal in the inspection of the user accounts issued by the Law on 380 user orders not accused of any criminal charges.
Included issue since the beginning of more than 130 and the number of the police officers responsible. Judge Melissa Jackson ordered the Facebook management not only to reveal personal data on 381 of the suspects were not even notified to do so. However, Assistant Attorney General Ben Rosenberg said that 302 people on this list have not been charged with fraud, but used their pictures and messages as evidence against the other participants in the case .salt one of the judges involved in the investigation in this case, the prosecutor, why they all decided they can "preserve the lives of 302 people in their offices."
Any question that the accounts on Facebook are as homes of people where there are photographs, letters, correspondence, it is easier to perform physical inspections compared with extracting information from social networks does not appear. However, lawyers are skeptical that American judges will go against their own decisions to meet the demand.
Prosecutors believe that social networks have the right to more homeowners in terms of the appeal court order for inspection. On the other hand can only be challenged by lawyers in pre-trial hearings in the case of the issuance of orders inspections by state judges. However, according to Facebook's lawyer, Thomas Dupre, the measures taken by the authorities which have no excuse, because the social network was forced to provide access to the suspects pages.
He noted the FBI in the case that he does not need to obtain search warrants to gain access to chats users on "Facebook", as well as their e-mail and other special Byanthm, which is contrary to the law passed in 2010, which requires obtaining a search warrant in order to access user accounts.

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