Saturday, 28 March 2015

Is it a return RapidShare site?

News Stop famous RapidShare site was a thunderbolt on the millions of users of lovers share files, which keep the number may be important to a tremendous amount of files on this site, which will be deleted and stop owners accounts If you stop the site, but maybe this will not happen and the site will not stop It will perhaps better than he was?

Site who decided copyright organizations eventually stopped working completely what will cause to delete all the files it contains and closing user accounts without exception, and this was the news of the closure in February where he decided to end the story of the site in the month of March, but perhaps there are groups have a different opinion .

Famous site is back to work and said the new team, who runs the site in a letter to him, "We will come with a copy of the new" Rapid Char "and will be improved and better than its predecessor." The team added a defiant Copyright institutions, saying, "The copyright organizations are brought to the site," Rapid char "to engage in wars of violation of property rights in order to stop this site, but we will not allow this and we must act to save the situation."

The team launched a test version (Beta) from the site at the following link a copy of any user can register and immediately lift its files and share Alan.o should be noted that there is still a message appears telling the arrest location on the Domain

The site "Rapid Char" was launched in 2002 and the months and the second most powerful position in the field of lifting and file sharing after MegaUpload famous site, which was closed due to a violation of property rights, and these sites were visited them millions of users every month.

But the site Rapid char wanted to fight against pirated materials and has modified the set of policies in this regard, where the team Saher Tell him that he would come the new format but also new policies.

Perhaps the return of this site, and the return of many data files carried revive several sites and users who depend on it heavily.

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