Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Google Inc. provides new tools to help developers Games

Google has unveiled a new set of tools for developers of games against the operating system "Android". Where tools include statistics and analyzes to help new developers to understand the behavior of the players, and several new options to achieve profits from the games through advertising platform AdMob. Google API Nearby Connections to your TV "Android" also launched.
Statistics and analysis analytics

Which will be available to developers in the next few weeks, and the tool will help developers to better understand the behavior of the players in the games. It also provides a report on the money that players spend in detail, has also become a follow-up to the average revenue per user is easier than before the operation.
Achieve profits and contextual advertising

Google Inc. launched a new contextual advertising tool to achieve profits and a tool to attract the public and users. Contextual ads are ads appear within the game and be designed similar to the design of the game and it relates to the degree that the user will not feel it easily declare a clear and explicit. Currently these contextual ads within the experimental stage.
Buying ads within applications

Within the advantages of achieving revenues from the games are buying ads within applications, so that the network AdMob predicts that any user probably will pay the money to meet the purchase of elements within applications, and thus will have ads for the promotion of these elements, which is expected to buy. And also this feature is still in the experimental stage and will be available in the next few weeks to users of AdMob.
Audience Builder tool

Audience Builder tool that allows developers to build lists of the public and users based on the method of use of the games. For example, any list of people who play daily, and other once a month, and even a list of the advanced users in the game thus can customize games for different types of users.

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