Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Facebook announces new publishing in terms of its

The first social networking site in the world, "Facebook" revealed on Sunday for the standards and terms of the new publication, which will allow the site to exercise control over any content that does not respect the new terms and conditions relating to particular content or pornography depicting scenes of nudity and scandalous in addition to the violent nature of publications.

It seems that Facebook will go on the same approach that Google announced earlier it would go before announcing retreat from that time, and has announced a social networking site yesterday, Sunday, March 15 for the new conditions for deployment on Facebook must abide by the users in order not to ban or withhold their publications.

New requirements relate primarily by "Monica Beckett" responsible for the editorial policy at Facebook content published by users and that should not belong to images or pornographic publications that include nudity or flagrant except in limited cases if it comes to plastic plates or to medical or scientific images, In addition to moving away from violent or you glorifying violence and promote content.

In addition, Facebook users will be prompted to use real names away from the fictitious names circulating on the social networking site.

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