Saturday, 28 March 2015

Detection of new jobs for the social networking site Twitter!

There is no doubt that the main role of the sites to communicate social and including Twitter remains the communication between users across the world and the exchange of ideas and views and beautiful moments and bad alike, but it seems that it will become the site of other roles in the future, where it will be Twitter-like bell early warning against natural disasters that may affect countries.

Where various media indicated that the Indonesian Vice President, "Muhammad Jusuf Kalla," signed an agreement with the Executive Director of the social networking site Twitter "Dick Costolo" in order that the site in the event that the State of Indonesia for any natural disaster to broadcast warning messages to all Twitter users in this country.

And Indonesia is located in Asia and one of the most vulnerable countries of various natural disasters, whether it cyclones and floods, as well as earthquakes and tsunamis as well as volcanoes, and is what you need with the state to an advanced warning, especially with the proliferation of the Internet system, in addition to There are more than 14 million Indonesians are involved in Twitter.

And entered the Twitter in negotiations with officials of Indonesia in order to become its platform to broadcast warnings in the event of disasters or epidemics, as well as broadcast tips and warnings to residents of various events and updates you will receive Twitter in turn by the authorities or organizations concerned, the new project opens the door to the use of social networking sites in functions similar or different from the basic function of these sites.

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