Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Apple starts the new smart display her watch in stores April 24

Apple's US technology giant said in a raised gallery first new product in five years in an effort to expand the scope of excellence in mobile devices that it will start selling the new Smart her watch in stores on 24 April and will price the finest model sum of ten thousand dollars.
Apple will begin a group of sports-hour price of $ 349 for the smaller model.
It will be the first new product for Apple since Thomas Cook became chief executive of the company available to provide purchase orders on the tenth of April, and before it in stores in 24 of the same month, including in Paris, London and Tokyo.
Cook said that the standard style of the hour will start at $ 549, although luxury version priced from ten thousand dollars will start.
Cook said, commenting on the introduction of new festive time, "I wish I could realize this since I was five years ago."
Cook described how the supply lead time of several new functions currently associated with pill tablet (iPad).
The hour Apple Smart enables the wearer of the follow-up e-mail and pay for their purchases at retail stores and monitor his health and related information, such as measurement of pressure and the level of sugar in the blood and others.
The Bloomberg news that Apple has allowed some major companies to test their applications on the Apple Smart hour before putting them on the market.
Bloomberg said, citing sources familiar with the representatives of the companies, including Facebook and UNITAID Continental Holdings Inc. BMW spent a few weeks at the headquarters of Apple to experience the applications and tuned even raised at the same time with the Apple Smart hour.

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