Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Apple hour instead of your car keys and credit card

(Reuters) - Tim Cook, CEO of US technology giant Apple for the Telegraph newspaper in an interview that hour Apple will replace your car keys, and its battery will still be charged and will not let you down for a whole day.
Cook said that the time was designed to replace cars and chains pocket huge ugly shape keys used in a large number of cars.
He added that Apple hour credit-card will also be used by Apple in any system that did not explain how to verify the user's identity.
In March, Apple unveiled Carplaa system which allows you to drive your car and you are using the iPhone and contacts and listen to voice messages without leaving the steering wheel.
Earlier this month, Reuters said that the company producing the iPhone is considering the idea of ​​self-driving an electric car production and it was in talks with automakers and supply.

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