Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Warning broker company Youtube leaked the news to me very dangerous! Be aware, but are deleted your channel on YouTube

Brothers, owners of YouTube Almarjoa channels attention, it has reached a serious message from the broker firm YouTube, tell me where that YouTube management has created a small team is reviewing videos on YouTube and deletes any channel is doing spam as follows: any channel regardless of their size or the number of Mtabaaha if they are adding many words semantic tags and do not have anything to do with the video will be deleted immediately, and any channel you add mini thumbnail images do not represent any link to the content of the video will be deleted as well.

The message reached them seriously confirm that YouTube has already begun deleting many channels on YouTube. For this if you own channel on YouTube, you must now proceed to delete Tagged stuffed in video-, as well as delete any images thumbnails video have nothing to do but to bring viewers.

Tags shall news, Arise, please publish this warning with the largest number of followers so as not to hurt their accounts deletes their channels.

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