Saturday, 28 February 2015

Surprise that Apple will reveal them in effective March 9

American company Apple has officially announced a new effective on March 9, and is certain that this event will be the occasion of the company to reveal the "surprise" new, and everyone seems to have become unanimous that it was a smart first from Apple hourly "Apple and H" and which will launch its appearance during the first few days.

And in light of the fierce competition at the level of the smart watch seems that Apple no longer accept the delay, which was detected this electronic jewel in the last third of last year and the back of a large number of rumors and news uncertain about Apple and HP, but Apple's much-delayed detection it especially for Apple fans and eager to see the first sign of her watch.

Apple announced a new effectiveness, which will be held Monday, March 9 next in "Yerba Buena Center" in the city of San Francisco in California, plus they will be transferred to the company's website, and effectiveness will be titled "Spring forward" or the arrival of spring.

And does not have observers no doubt that this event will be an opportunity to offer Apple's smart first time, I "Apple and HP," but at the same time we could witness another important announcements, it comes here computerized new tablet iPad measuring 12 inches and computer MacBook Air Retina.

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