Saturday, 14 February 2015

Site allows you to delete tweets on "Twitter" in one go

Maybe you passed on some big accounts in the mini-platform "Twitter" Blogging and saw huge numbers of tweets that they publish on their own, you may be also owns a huge archive Tweets special account profile.
Where the user can write a journal cases shared with friends, cross-platform, "Twitter" and soon these tweets absent with the passage of time in limbo, but this does not preclude found again by the search engine. Who has a huge archive of tweets permanently deleted may wish, but the sheer number prevents him from being removed as required to delete tweets one after the other.

For this site Tweet has launched Delete service to remove such a large number of tweets, as should the user that enters his personal account and password, which use them in the "Twitter" password to be able to delete more than 3,200 tweets in one go and the site also allows him to determine the fixed dates to delete the tweets on his own account in the mini-platform "Twitter" Blogging and selecting it for a month or two or more.
The site allows service is free to all users, and you can see the privacy policy and the terms on site usage Tweet Delete service and also access to all inquiries on the site.

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