Monday, 16 February 2015

Pirates seize billion dollars in the process of penetrating the banks!

As it is the largest electronic piracy operation exposed the banking sector in the history of multiple sources have confirmed that a group of hackers launched a massive attack on the letter a number of banks across the world and nearly billion theft from their customers accounts after penetrating the security systems of these financial institutions.

According to the website "Russia Today," the hacker group carried out electronically attack elaborate and planned professionally, where hackers depends on sending e-mail messages and fake attributed to real financial institutions to these banks and contain malicious software disguised in Word file, and after receiving this message is malicious code to penetrate security systems and access to customers bank accounts and shall thereafter hackers to transfer money to ATMs where waiting for their partners agreed to withdraw funds moment.

This massive onslaught of electronic targeting nearly a hundred bank in thirty countries around the world and led by Russia, which was the biggest affected in addition to other countries such as the USA, the Netherlands, Japan and Switzerland, as reported by Russian security company known as "Kaspersky" experts and located its headquarters in Moscow .

And Kaspersky experts pointed out that this attack, which is dubbed "Carbanak cybergang" has required great effort and patience from hackers who poking this malware since 2013, and that the implementation did not begin until recently, with the possibility that this attack be e-serious continuing to now.

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