Saturday, 14 February 2015

Network "Facebook" social calling "the heir to the account" service after the death of the account holder

Revealed the social networking site "Facebook" yesterday announced the launch of a new service that allows users to choose the person who "inherit" his account after his death.
And allow the new Legacy Contact service users label a acquaintance or a person who wishes to inherit his account after his death to the account management, that is to agree on it.
This has been the site by providing the option to cancel the account after their deaths, in case you do not want one that is based on the account management or any other party to control it after the departure of the account holder.
He was referred to a network "Facebook" social, that the heir to the account will not enjoy all the advantages enjoyed by the original account of the deceased owner. This allows "inherited account" of the person entrusted with managed service, receive friend requests and modify account Pictures also "Profile Picture And Cover Photo".
However, the service does not allow for the new heir to the deceased to enter the account in the deceased person, and do not allow him whatever familiarized themselves with personal messages received on the account.

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