Thursday, 19 February 2015

Internet will become even more speed with HTTP / 2 release after 16 years of use of HTTP

HTTP protocol, which we have written before, and access any site, saw a new update after 15 years of use. He was the first Execution HTTP protocol for .1.1.1 1999. 15 years and we use the 1.1.1 version of the HTTP advantages and disadvantages to each protocol before it is launching a new update HTTP / 2, this year.

New Albrootakul promises to be a web browsing much faster than HTTP / 1. And that by incorporating innovative technology SPDY by Google. This technique, which reduces the time Astija web pages when requested, and this means the speed and access the sites pages. And even more so with the new update, we will see a more efficient use of the network, As long as the web pages every day to increase in size, but it consumes significantly network resources. And it was necessary to present a new protocol is capable of dealing with such a large amount of information.

It is worth mentioning also that the protocol HTTP / 2. Will be pressing the header fields and this means an increase in mobility between Web pages faster, especially when browsing via mobile phones.

With this new update, which witnessed the HTTP protocol / 2. The Web will become more rapid, especially given that all existing sites compete for speed in browsing content! And improve the Sioux SEO. Especially that the mobile market is constantly growing and increasing demand for them and use to browse the Internet in advance as well, and therefore some of the old technologies in the Web has become a Ataatmashy with the needs of its users. Perhaps this new update will be the first step in the establishment of Web 3.0

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