Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hour "Apple" smart can operate as a key for cars

Tell executive director of the Apple "Tim Cook" for a new property characterized by smart time "Apple Watch" which is under construction, according to what he said, the smart time will enable its use as an alternative to car keys.

He also stressed, "Tim Cook," in an interview published on the newspaper "Telegraph" English, that his time is designed to provide users a number of revolutionary uses, including use as a possible alternative to conventional cars keys.
In addition to these important property executive director of Apple has pointed out that the many advantages of this time and pointed out that the clock with a battery able to withstand even a full day of use, adding that the battery will be marked by special magnetic technology to speed up the process of recharging.

He also added that he will be available clock on many of the applications that provide several advantages in a smart time and that the user can be based Btaatbethha after buying time.
Apple has announced that it will hold a press conference on the ninth of March, to reveal it for more information and benefits in smart her watch and Otmentha also, where indicated that the price will start at $ 350 and expected to be launched by Apple officially in the market during the month of April.

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