Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Here are 5 most anticipated distributions in the year 2015!

Linux is no longer an elite system, thanks to the many distributions that have emerged in recent years, and that changed the misconception among fans of this beautiful penguin, of course, a whole year to see a range of developments in this system, thanks to a huge community of developers, as well as companies that take it upon themselves to highlight the face the other for this system .ahz your appetite, we've compiled a list of the most important distributions promising in 2015.
Ubuntu Touch
We learned in the last two years that there Mbdoulh efforts to bring out the Linux operating from cochlear computer system and servers to the world of smart phones, through Ubuntu, which will be adapted to these devices, to be the contender for the rest of the operating systems available today in the mobile phone market, of course, the project is still in place and expected to be the launch of the first version of this system, "Ubuntu Touch" this year, has strengthened these default after news of a Spanish company, which is preparing to launch the first smartphone with this system in the next few months.

fedora Pantheon Desktop
Desktop "PantheonDesktop" environment has become one of the best desktop environments in Linux system, and consumption of resources, little device is one of the reasons that made up for this position in many surveys. Fedora developers seem to be admired in this environment, so this year will be available by default in version 22 of this distribution.

elementary OS Freya

One beautiful and brilliant distributions in the Linux system is elementary; and do you know that it previously in the Code of Professional. Of course, this distribution is known a remarkable development since its first version, there is another version of this prospective distribution on behalf of elementary OS Freya in this year that will come a series of additions and improvements, and to confirm that we have to put it in the list of the distribution due to the experience this year.

Quantum OS

Are completely new distribution, Material design pattern used in the design of the user interface. Its developer, "Michael Spencer," explained they are still under development so that was created from scratch, but it remains the official publication date is unknown, but is expected to be launched the first version of this distribution this year.


Many gamers waited in vain for the launch of the official version of the distro SteamOS. This distribution is based on video games based on Debian, of course, this system will come with many features for lovers of the Linux operating system as well as freaks games, is expected to be presented this system in the game developers "GDC" conference which will be held in early March in San Francisco .

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