Saturday, 28 February 2015

Google paid $ 25 million in order to get the .app domain

The Google Inc. to pay $ 25 million in order to get the scope of ".app" and that in the context of a Web auction held by the organization "ICANN" and is the guardian of the World Organization of the sector, and Google has become so has the exclusive right to use the domain names ending in a nutshell. app.

And ICANN organization or "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers" is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 and is headquartered in California, and is a competent distribution and IP address management, domain names, and the allocation of top sites names all over the world, in addition to the main resource management the network infrastructure such as computers basal root servers.

And ICANN has started since June of last year in the lifting of the pace of selling Web domain names and through the new system depends on the method of auctions, and viewing of $ 25 million Google Inc. has achieved the previous record, which was associated with the name of the Web tech range . Which was sold for $ 6.7 million, or spot as well as a domain name. Amazon, which acquired him a pioneer of e-commerce in the amount of $ 5 million.

And joins .app domain name bought by Google to a wide variety of domains obtained by the former names of K, (how, .soy. .dad, .here, .eat, .new) Where Google has a private registration and management service names It ranges "Google Domains".

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