Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Finally, a new battery for smart phones shipped in one minute!

There is no doubt that the problem of the battery charge is one of the most important problems facing the smart phone users in the world, but it seems that it will not go astray problem in the near future, and may have seen in the recent past, a number of innovations promising in this area, but one of the most prominent of these innovations is a private company StoreDot.

And the transfer of the famous British newspaper site "The Guardian" that the Zionist entity StoreDot company experts have produced a new type of Btarayat smartphones and will soon be produced in large quantities and unmarketable, this new battery, which is expected that it will end the suffering of users will enable Shipping Smart phones within 60 seconds.

StoreDot company experts reached an important discovery that certain "peptide" molecules capable of shipping absorb more than others, and the peptide is amino acids series, but the new discovery of this company faces a number of difficulties, the most important of inability to use these batteries on smart phones or computers Tablets currently exist in the market where you can not work for these batteries only in accordance with the special components and special charger.

To overcome this obstacle, the StoreDot company entered into negotiations with 15 companies from the smart phone manufacturers to support this new technology where it is expected that the company signed a contract with two companies for the manufacture of smart phones by the end of this year and that production begins phones this feature in the next year 2016.

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